About Us

About Black Dog Books

Black Dog Books was conceived and founded in spring 2016 by Catherine Cassidy as an Independent Bookstore that aspired to be a bookstore “with something for everyone“; initially opening in a small space in the historic heart of downtown Newton, Sussex County. 

Having outgrown that space by 2019 we relocated to Historic Lafayette, NJ, a vibrant town with many independent shops, to a space that has allowed us to expand our inventory of books and variety of gift items. 

 Betsy Dewey joined our staff in 2017 and has curated and expanded our children’s book selection. Betsy specializes in children’s books and has many years of experience as a children’s librarian and educator of children’s literature. 

Marina Cramer joined us in early 2019 having worked in the book industry for over 30 years. Marina, who is also a writer, has published her 2nd book in February 2020, “Anna Eva Mimi Adam“ which follows “Roads” her beautifully written debut novel. Marina brings with her a wealth of knowledge and is a great resource to our patrons.

And of course, there is Yeava, the Black Dog and inspiration. Yeava is a refugee from Iraq and brought to the U.S. as the United States was pulling out of Baghdad in 2011. She has her own story that is sweet and heart-wrenching and I’m so glad that she is with me on this adventure.